Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Writing Process


First, I have only told this story to 1 person in this county. I debated if it was too personal, if the story would make you (my classmates) think less of me, if I could even tell it because I'm still kind of in it.

I want to figure out how to pin down one focus of the story (ideally being in a cheating relationship in Senegal), and have the stories lead into it. I'd ask for help structuring the story, because I'm telling it how I lived it and perhaps I could be more clear by telling the story another way. Organizational help would be wonderful.

Writing this wasn't as emotionally challenging as I thought it would, but in the few responses that I've already received, I think editing it and perfecting it will force me to share even more (which could be good) and I'm curious to see if it needs more detail or just some rewriting.

Also, the intended publication is Modern Love.


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