Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writing Process

This profile felt significantly different to write than the personal (obviously, perhaps). Initially, I was very hesitant to make contact with Amy at 360, a slight sense of dread that she wouldn't like me, that I wouldn't be able to measure up to the quick faux intimacy that we'd discussed in class. However, I'd say for a first draft, I was quite pleased. Speaking with Amy was easy, and I was most surprised to find that questions sort of just came to me as we were talking, and that a lot of my notes were unneeded.

The structural part of this assignment, however, posed a bit more problems, as I wasn't quite sure what sort of order to put all the information I'd gathered. Parts about the store seemed necessary in order to introduce her, but the pull of her family life and early career could help set the stage for her life to come. I decided not to put myself into the story since I've only know Amy about a week, and I felt that the authors we'd read who'd done this stayed with their "subject"/ friends for a much more significant period of time.

I was also concerned about the piece reading like a time line, but I think with several more interviews and some structural organization I won't have to worry about this. A question for the group though: How do you tell someones life without it sounding too timeline'd? Interested to see other pieces of an individual who figured out a way to explain a life in creative ways.

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