Monday, June 3, 2013

Writing Process

I included this link right off the bat to give everyone a sense of Jezebel, which is a Feminist-type blog, as well as give an example of another piece they've written about Plan B.

Alright, writing this piece. I've been feeling relatively confident thus far, easily conducting my first two interviews and enjoying the writing style that my target publication has allowed me. Although I'm sure I need plenty of feedback on how to make myself more witty, cool, whatever (I'll get to that later), I liked the sense of freedom and challenge that writing a slightly more non-traditional story involved. 

I want to note in regards to content, that what I am expecting will truly shape this piece is a planning meeting between S3A and students in regards to future endeavors and the possibility of a Sexual Assualt Support Group. This meeting occurs on Wednesday (exactly before our class workshop). With that being said, I am curious to each of your opinions on what is key in this piece. I was hoping to weave together several aspects of S3A's work, creating scenes and telling their story, but I'm still working this out, and the meeting seems crucial. What has popped out thus far? 

Additionally, I am curious as to the reactions to my own voice in the piece? Jezebel typically uses sassy/ funny/ sarcastic language, but doesn't always necessarily use the "I", which thus far I have included in my piece. I'm thinking this is going to become more key as the scene idea develops, but those are my main areas that I'm hoping for feedback.

See you in class!

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